The Grass Block is the most commonly seen block in the Overworld


A grass block can be obtained by mining it using a tool enchanted with silk touch, otherwise it will drop dirt.

Natural generation

Grass blocks generate naturally in most biomes in the Overworld.


Endermen can pick up grass blocks, and will drop the block they are holding if killed.


Grass grows spontaneously only during map generation. Afterward, it can only spread to a nearby dirt block. Grass spreading without player intervention depends heavily on the time of day. In order for a dirt block to accept grass from a nearby grass block, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The dirt block receiving grass must be within a 3×3×5 range of the source block where the source block is in the center of the second topmost layer of that range,
  2. The source block must have a light level of 9 or brighter directly above it,
  3. The dirt block must have a light level of at least 4 above it,
  4. Any block above the dirt block must not reduce light by 2 levels or more.

Light-reducing blocks include any opaque block, as well as lava, water, ice, and partially transparent blocks like stairs and single slabs. Grass blocks can grow under all other transparent blocks like glass, fences, torches, or pistons. Grass jumps directly from one block to a neighbor and is not affected by gaps or other blocks being "in the way". Grass blocks spread at random intervals and have an equal chance of spreading to any suitable dirt blocks that are in range. Because grass can spread as much as 3 levels downward, it tends to spread down slopes much faster than it spreads up them.


Grass will die and change to dirt after a random time if directly covered by an opaque block or water.

Tilling a grass block with a hoe will convert it to a farmland block.

Grass blocks also change to dirt when sheep eat them.

Grass will die when turned into a grass path.


IMG 4604

The coloration of grass blocks is dependent on the biome they are in. A grass block will always use the hue set to its location, regardless of how it was placed or of its source. Tall grass and leaves will also change color with the biome in a simillar way.